Welcome to Rolling The Twisties 2014!

2014 marks the fifth annual Rolling The Twisties.  To say previous year’s events were a success would be an immense understatement.  The calibre of drivers, cars, route and spectacular scenery left a lasting impression for all those who participated:

“RTT was AWESOME. Great roads, interesting sites, great people, MacGyver’d cars, Kentucky-style bootleg alcohol, and being wanted by the police! It doesn’t get much better than that! Good luck on the rest of the drive guys! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will plan to do the whole route next year…”


“The drive was simply amazing!  For those who registered but did not come, you have no idea what you missed. This was the best driving vacation that could ever take place.”

“The diving could not have been better.  Honestly, going over a grated mountain road was epic.”


“RTT10 was probably the most challenging and yet rewarding driving event I’ve ever been a part of and I’ll definitely be there next year.”

For those who haven’t tried the RTT event, I recommend it highly…..all of those who assisted with route planning and navigation have my sincere thanks and admiration. The event really lets us partake of The Ultimate Driving Experience – Joy!

I’m speechless and can’t wait for next year’s RTT tour!

I am so very happy that I was able to attend both The Vintage meet and drive in two full driving days of RTT. I still can’t wipe the smile off of my face. This is what owning a BMW is all about for me…spirited driving (whenever possible) and camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. Of course ice cold beer helps too…

A BIG thanks to the RTT event team! See ya all next year.

RTT – it gets in your blood.


Read more about previous year’s events at the Rolling The Twisties 2010 Photo Essay, Rolling The Twisties 2011 Story and Rolling The Twisties 2012 Story.

Here is the official Rolling The Twisties 2011 Video made generously by Rodney Middendorf!

The fifth annual Rolling the Twisties (RTT14) will take place around Labor Day Weekend in September 2014.

If you would like to be considered as a participant then please complete and submit the online registration form that can be found on the home page.  Previous attendees are required to register again.  We would also like to invite you to forward this website to individuals who maybe interested in joining us on what will surely be yet another very unique driving experience.

We hope to see you prepped and ready to roll this May.

-Rolling the Twisties Event Team