How do I apply?
Contact a previous attendee of RTT and they can put you in the right direction.

Is there an application fee?
No.  The event is free of charge however drivers will be responsible for covering their own expenses such as food, lodging and gas.

What type of cars will be considered for the event?
Rolling the Twisties is primarily a European car event.  A wide range of European models will be represented, from vintage to modern, most of which met success in motorsport and racing.

Will cars other than European models be considered for the event?
While Rolling the Twisties is primarily a European car event, other marques will be considered.  The event team will evaluate applications from the owners of non-European cars based on style, engineering excellence as well as performance and racing heritage.

Can I join Rolling the Twisties midway through the event?
Yes.  One of the special features of Rolling the Twisties is that drivers can adjust the itinerary to best suite their own schedule and preferences.

Will I need to sign a waiver before the event?
Rolling the Twisties is a self guided tour and participants will not be required to sign a release agreement prior to the event.

Will there be a fast and slow group?
No.  Rolling the Twisties is not a race.  Participants are free to drive at the pace that best suites their skill and comfort level.

Can I swap vehicles with another driver during the event?
Yes.  Drivers may wish to share wheel time in cars other than their own.

Can I drive on my own, instead of in the convoy?
Yes. Another unique feature of Rolling the Twisties is that drivers can change the itinerary and take alternate routes.

However, it’s important to note that our event team will be selecting some of the best roads in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee and guide you to your destination.

How many miles/kilometres are covered each day and when do we arrive at the hotel?
The distances covered will depend on the route on any given day.  We plan to arrive at the hotel no later than 5 p.m., so as to leave participants with time to socialize and swap stories before the dinner.

Is there a maximum number of participants for the event?
No. There is no set or predetermined number of drivers.